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Welcome to Xavier College

Xavier College is a co-educational Catholic high school situated in Llandilo, in Sydney’s outer west. We offer our students state-of-the-art modern facilities, and provide the best of educations in a safe learning environment.

At Xavier College our philosophy is underpinned by the Christian tradition. We ask all students and families to embrace our values that acknowledge the sanctity of creation, respect the dignity of the individual, strive for reconciliation, hope for the future, exercise forgiveness and recognise the value of the community.

Xavier College students are offered an educational experience modelled on the life of St Francis Xavier: exploring ideas and independent thinking, forging lifelong friendships and meeting the challenges of the future with confidence. It is an experience highlighted by caring, understanding, respect and personal achievement.

An educational experience modelled on the life of St Francis, Xavier is like an unfolding story of exploring ideas and independent thinking, forging lifelong friendships and meeting the challenges of the future with confidence. It is also a story with themes of caring, understanding, respect and personal achievement – a story that begins with Xavier College Llandilo.

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  • Terra Sancta College renamed to honour St John Paul II

    To commemorate the Canonisation of Pope John Paul II and his connection to the Diocese of Parramatta, Bishop Anthony Fisher OP, has announced that Terra Sancta College will be renamed St John Paul II Catholic College, Nirimba and Schofields from the commencement of Term 3 this year.
  • Trade training at school provides head start in critical trade areas

    McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre assistant principal, John Wills, said trade training courses are not only a great employment pathway for secondary students, they also help to address the skills shortage in trades such as brick and blocklaying.
  • RE Review: Faith in the future of Catholic schooling

    The findings and recommendations of the Review of Religious Education for Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta were presented to a forum of over 200 parish priests, principals and Religious Education coordinators on 5 June at Rosehill Gardens.
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