Xavier College is situated in the Corpus Christi Parish at Cranebrook and serves the communities of Cranebrook and Jordan Springs.

Once home to Xavier College prior to its expansion, Corpus Christi Cranebrook Parish remains the foundation of our College in the shared mission to strive to be a community of Christ’s presence and action in our world. Xavier College acknowledges that community and faith are mutually exclusive. In partnership with Father Chris and Corpus Christi Parish, we work together to strengthen this relationship. Father Chris is a valued and active leader in our community; sharing Eucharist, liturgies, retreats, reflection days, and teachings with us.

Corpus Christi Parish is a Christian faith community in the Catholic tradition of worship, sacraments, understanding and teaching. Corpus Christi Parish aspires to be an inclusive parish where people from a variety of spiritual backgrounds can feel at home, along with those who are trying once again to connect to a faith community.

Xavier College works in collaboration with Corpus Christi Parish, committed to providing quality education for our students by developing goals and strategies which:

  • Promote our Catholic identity
  • Maintain and enhance the quality of Religious Education
  • Address the diverse spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social needs of our students
  • Strengthen the partnership between teachers, students, parents, clergy and the wider community.

Corpus Christi Parish Cranebrook welcomes you to their community. For details, Service time and Sacramental programs please Corpus Christi Parish website.

Contact the Parish



86 - 94 Andromeda Drive
Cranebrook NSW 2749

The Parish Offices are located at No. 86 & the Presbytery is located at No. 94

Phone: (02) 4730 1249
Fax: (02) 4729 2989

Postal Address

PO Box 21, Cranebrook NSW 2749