Trefoni Cup

The Trefoni Trophy is a staff versus Year 12 student competition that starts in Term 3 and has been going on for many years at the College.

Named after the Past Assistant Principal Mr Glenn Trefoni, the competition consists of numerous sporting activities played every Friday lunchtime. It is a fierce and competitive battle between the 2 groups and is a highlight of the year for Year 12 students. It is a Xavier initiative that promotes a great community spirit and highlights the great relationship between students and teacher here at the College.

2020 Scoreboard

TREFONI CUP LED Soccer Scoreboard-Round 6


Round 1

In the first round of the Trefoni Cup the Teacher and Students took on a rowing challenge. The Atmosphere was electric as they battles it out.

Final Result: Students=1814 metres | Teachers = 1776 metres

RESULT | Students win

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Round 2

Round 2 Trefoni Trophy was held last Friday during lunch where the students and staff battled against each other in a trivia competition. After 3 rounds of tough questions based on superhero/villains, animals and general knowledge the teachers won the competition 38-32. A huge thank you to Mrs Johnson for organising the competition and questions and to the staff that participated. As of 2 rounds, the score sits at 1-1.

RESULT | Teachers win

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Round 3

Round 3 Trefoni Trophy was held Friday August 14th, where the students and staff battled against each other in a Chess competition. After two rounds the score was even and the competitive spirit was fierce today, both students and teachers turned out to support their teams in what felt like the loudest Chess match with the most cheers and applause in history.

Congratulations to Mr King, Mr Bahiagar and Mr Multari on winning 3 games for the Staff, and well done to Jake Horne and Hayden Ashby for winning 2 games for the Year 12 Students.

The final score was Teachers 3, Students 2, with the teachers taking home the win to finish on top of the scoreboard this week.

RESULT | Teachers win

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Round 4

Round 4 of the Year 12 Trefoni Trophy was held last Friday and it was teachers vs the students in table tennis. The competition consisted of 5 single matches, first to 21 and best of 3 sets.

From the start, the students were struggling to keep up with the agility and guile of the teachers and it was over in a blink of an eye. The shining light was Byron Becker winning his table tennis match against Mr Multari 2-1.

Thank you to the Year 12 students and Mr Albertyn, Mr Buhagiar, Ms Scott, Ms Crawford and Mr Multari for participating in the competition.

The final score Teachers won the table tennis comp- 3-1.

RESULT | Teachers win
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Round 5

Round 5 of Trefoni Trophy was a competitive and fun UNO tournament, in the lead up the students expressed their "Quiet confidence" on taking out this fifth round of the Trefoni Trophy.

This week the students won all 3 matches convincingly, we want to thank all the teachers who were involved this week.

The final score, Students won 3 games to the Teachers nil.


RESULT | Students win
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Round 6

Round 6 of Trefoni Trophy was a a Spelling Bee, the turn out was great and the stakes were high as the students chased a possible tie which would have resulted in a tie-break round.

The teachers took an early lead and were too good to catch.

The teachers took it out in a convincing 17/7 win over the students.

RESULT | Teachers win
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Final Result

This final result sealed the deal, the 2020 Trefoni Cup was won by the Teachers

Many thanks to everyone who participated and turned out to encourage your team. This years rounds were fun and a great way to bring the Year 12 Cohort and faculty together.