Co-curricular Activities

Xavier College students develop maturity through a diverse range of student leadership, community and cultural activities.

At Xavier, we believe that a well-balanced person, who gives due time to the pursuit of co-curricular activities as well as to physical wellbeing, is more likely to be successful in coping with the academic demands of secondary study.

Student leadership

The example of Christ is the inspiration for the leadership principles woven into all Xavier College programs.

In a formal sense, student leadership is developed through involvement in the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is chaired by student leaders and provides a forum through which students contribute to the life and growth of the college. Council members are nominated by their peers and hold office for 12 months. Members of the SRC represent the college on a number of occasions such as college presentation nights, ANZAC Day commemorations and youth forums.

At Xavier College it is believed that all students have the potential to be leaders, in that true leadership involves service to others and making a difference in both the school and the wider community. Within the home group model, senior students provide exemplary leadership for the younger students. This includes the mentoring of new Year 7 students and the organisation of many community events, such as walkathons and carnivals.

Cultural and community programs

Activities exist outside the classroom to provide opportunities for students to excel as individuals, or as members of a team sharing a sense of group achievement. The personal and social skills that are developed in such activities are important, as is the simple enjoyment of sharing time and worthwhile effort with others.

Activities available to students include:

  • Debating
  • Public speaking
  • Young Writers’ Competition
  • Mathematics and Science Competitions
  • Drama and choral groups
  • Dance troupes
  • Musical instrument tuition
  • Diocesan Art Exhibition
  • Diocesan Music Festival
  • Diocesan Drama Festival

In following the example of St Francis Xavier in helping others, and in living up to our belief in the value of the community, Xavier College undertakes a range of community service and social justice initiatives. The involvement of students has been critical to the success of these programs, and provides an extra dimension to their educational experience at Xavier.

Community service and social justice initiatives recently undertaken by the college include:

Vinnie’s Van – On Friday nights once a month, teachers and students provide food, drink and company to the homeless in Penrith and Parramatta

Christmas hampers – Xavier students prepare generous Christmas hampers for those less fortunate within the Corpus Christi parish

Project Compassion – students have raised and donated money to Project Compassion, one link of Caritas Australia, the Catholic agency for international aid and development

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