Xavier HSC Study Bubbles

Xavier 'study bubbles' for Year 12 students

Year 12 students will be allowed to organise study groups at Xavier to help in their preparation for exams. They will be allowed to study at school with four (4) of their peers, in the lead-up to the HSC exams which start on 9 November 2021. From Wednesday, 6 October Year 12 students will be able to meet in groups of five (5) at school in a “study bubble”.

The HSC study group can comprise of no more than five (5) students from within the same daily scheduled groupings or study sessions. They must be the same five (5) students for the day, and students in a bubble cannot move between or mingle with other study bubbles during the day. All activities must comply with current Public Health Orders and that will mean the study bubble groups must meet only in outdoor areas, or well-ventilated indoor open spaces such as the XC (limits apply)

This is an opportunity for Year 12 to study together while their teacher delivers the Zoom learning.(from an off-site location) It is a self-directed study and organized by students. (NO CHANGE TO TIMETABLE - Which can be found here)

Year 12 we need to QR code check-in and check out using our Xavier QR Code. No Uniform is required.

You MUST remain in the same study bubble each day (only ONE Study Bubble per day). Time limit 3 hours per Study Bubble ( 8.30-11.30am/ 11.40-2.40pm)

This HSC cohort has had such a challenging time with COVID, we hope this study bubble will help ease some of their anxieties ahead of their exams. We will continue to provide support for students preparing for the HSC at home.