XVL - Xavier Virtual Learning

Xavier Virtual Learning

Term 4 begins with Xavier Virtual Learning, a Xavier Initiative that was developed long before the 2020 covid-19 lockdown period and refined and used widely to aid learning in covid-19 times.

Xavier Virtual Learning was a principle introduced at Xavier College to keep some of our talented sports stars to stay engaged in their learning while they were travelling and competing internationally, It was also a method of learning used to keep anyone unable to attend school due to injury engaged and active in school and class life.

2020 turned the world upside down when Covid-19 threatened the way we lived and learnt, Online teaching methods introduced above were carefully refined and very quickly carried out so there was little to no disruption to our students education when the rest of the world was so uncertain.

Fast forward to 2021 and Xavier Virtual Learning (XVL) has become so much more than keeping students, home and away, updated with class work. It has become an everyday staple in the Covid-19 world we live in. Our Students are learning with Virtual face to face to remove all strains on families in our community by having the teachers online, live and freely accessible for every moment of the student day.

In the Xavier Virtual Learning Model, every student is cared for in their learning and well-being as well as they would be during onsite face to face learning.

To get a deeper insight into how the 2021 model of Xavier Virtual Learning has developed and how it is benefiting our students and families, we sat down with Assistant Principal, Greg Malone, to discuss all things Xavier Virtual Learning.


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