2022 Return to School Update

Dear Parents and Carers of Students in Years 8-12 2022,


The 2022 school year is ready to commence, Year 7 returned yesterday and students in Years 8-12 will return on Wednesday 2 February. Please see below for information regarding their return to high school.

·School begins at 8.30am and concludes at 2.40pm.

·Students will wear their Summer College Uniform and remember to bring the College hat.

·Students will meet in Year areas at 8.30am

Yr 7: Mary MacKillop        Year 8: St Peter Claver Pavilion

Yr 9: Canteen/undercroft    Year 10: Courtyard

Year 11: Ignatian Centre     Year 12: Xavier Centre          

·Students will need to bring their own recess and lunch. We had planned a BBQ but COVID purchasing restrictions have prevented us from doing this in week 1. The canteen WILL BE OPEN.

·Students will be issued with their timetable and learning planner on their first day and will need one workbook on this day. 

·Students will need to have writing materials and their learning device (laptop).

·Access to the College on Wednesday will be via Ninth Ave and Sinclair Pde. Student parking is recommended on Sinclair Pde and along Ninth ave, West of the roundabout.



·The NSW Government has set a standard for facemasks. Students will need to have their own surgical mask rather than a cloth mask. A limited number of surgical face masks will be provided for students who cannot provide their own. Students are required to wear their own mask whilst indoors and travelling to/from school on a bus.


Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT)

·Rapid Antigen Tests will be distributed to students on Wednesday.

·Students should administer a RAT on Sunday and Wednesday evening. The school will not be recording test results unless a student tests positive.

·If a student tests positive for COVID, parents need to register this on Services NSW and also inform the school immediately on 4777 0900. Students need to rest and recover if they have COVID. IF students are well enough to complete work they can access all of their school work on Google Classroom.


Staggered Dismissal

·In response to the COVID pandemic, we will maintain a staggered dismissal for students in Years 7-10 who walk, ride or are picked up. These students may depart the College from 2.20pm. If picking up your child, please be patient and wait in your car for your child to arrive. Buses will depart from 2.40pm. Students in Year 11 and 12 ARE REQUIRED to remain in class until the conclusion of their timetabled lessons at 2.40pm.


Thursday Sport

·Thursday Sport will not operate in Term 1, this will maximise student safety and minimise the chance of COVID transmission. During Term 1, students may depart from 12.30pm. Their class teacher will dismiss them at this time. A permission note will be sent home on Wednesday for this to occur. Students who remain onsite will have a teacher supervise them and students will be able to complete learning preparation or assessment tasks.

·Students can wear PDHPE practical uniform on the day of their PDHPE Lessons. This is due to the changerooms being closed under the current COVID restrictions. Students will be provided their PDHPE practical days on their first PDHPE lesson.

·Wearing the PDHPE uniform on Thursday is OPTIONAL as you may not want your child wearing their sport uniform 3 days in a row ( example Wednesday PE, Thursday Sport and Friday PE). Students have the option on Thursday of wearing their sport uniform or the summer uniform.


Visitors and Meetings

·Meetings with parents during Term 1 will occur via Zoom or phone call.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the College on 4777 0900