Year 7 Immersion 2022


Year 7 Immersion Program

The goal of the Year 7 Immersion is to initiate our new students into life at Xavier College. It is hoped that the Immersion introduces the new members of our community to the spiritual, academic, and culture of Xavier College. The Program was born out of the understanding that students transitioning from primary to high school needs to be tailored to:

  • Ensure students feel ready to learn
  • Ensure a Smooth transition for the wellbeing of the student
  • Ensure new students are aware of school wide practices
The intention of the Xavier College Immersion program is to transition our Year 7 students from primary to secondary school. Our Immersion runs for the first two weeks of Year 7 and is driven by the question "What is the high school experience at Xavier College?". Learning at Xavier College is grounded in our Ignatian values, and the Immersion program initiates our students into this context. Throughout the two weeks, students participated in various workshops which familarised them with Xavier practices such as Visible Learning, growth mindset, assessment, and enterprise skills. They also spent days bonding with their peers whilst developing teamwork and leadership skills in STEM and sport workshops. The final days of the program gave students a sample of some of their subjects through engaging and hands on activities. Year 7 2022 demonstrated excellent communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills during these two weeks and we are proud they are part of our College community. 
Mrs Renee Blyth | Leader of Xavier Inquiry Learning

The Program focuses on three main areas.


Academic Life

Our Catholic faith lights the way as we guide your child’s learning journey. We are led by love, compassion and respect for all.
We walk with Jesus and with those in need, both at school and in the community. Together in Christ, we will change the world.

We see the good in each child. Every child deserves to be safe, known and cared for. Every child can learn lots, grow as a person and be happy.

Our school is a place where curiosity, imagination and love of learning are treasured. We know schools should be places of wonder, exploration and endless possibilities. Our school is full of great teachers working together to meet your child’s needs in spaces that are designed for up-to-date learning. There are places for students to work together and for working independently. They are places where the latest technology supports your child’s learning.


Spiritual Life

Xavier College is a place of learning and celebration. It is a community which is living and responding to the life and words of Jesus Christ, and a place where individuals experience love and respect.
Our part in this is to bring Jesus’ word and teaching to life. Liturgy and prayer are an integral part of daily life at Xavier. Important events on the Church calendar are celebrated and commemorated with a variety of styles of liturgies, ranging from home group liturgies to whole school Eucharistic celebrations.

Since we believe that our God truly values and loves us just as we are – no strings attached – there is a vital place in the Xavier College community for each and every one of us. On this basis, we strive to create a community within the school founded on the practice of this same unconditional love.

Every person in the school community is valued and essential for the life of the community. Our school community depends on the individual gifts that each and every person brings.
Xavier College attempts to provide an authentic experience of Christian life.

The College motto – ‘For the Greater Good’ – comes from the Latin word ‘Magis’, meaning ‘more’. It provides a challenge for our students to live out their lives in such a way that the greater good is the key for making choices. Our patron, St Francis Xavier, and his companions used this phrase more widely to mean the universal good, or the better choice.


Cultural Life

We are committed to making our school a centre of learning and excellence which provides a kaleidoscope of opportunities for its community of learners and as a school, we encourage students to be comfortable with technology, and flexible, adaptable and well-informed about local and global issues.

We foster in our students a strong belief in themselves as well as the ability to think logically, critically, creatively and independently, providing a balanced curriculum through which varying needs will be met and abilities will be nurtured.

We create an educational climate which is purposeful and where common goals are pursued, nurturing a sense of self-worth in students. We guide them to take pride in themselves, their heritage and their environment.

We encourage staff, students and parents to work collaboratively and to shape the vision and hopes which we all share.


2022 Year 7 Immersion Activities


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2022 Year 7 Immersion